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Technical Visit / Cultural Tour

The 11ICG Organizing Committee will provide conference participants the chance to visit either a technical site or go on a cultural tour for free on Sep. 21 (Fri). Transportation and lunch are provided. Please note that the programs may be canceled due to low participation. If a program is canceled, the Secretariat will inform you in advance.
Tours will be arranged by a travel agency, so if you would like to participate in a tour, please complete the tour reservation form and send it to 11ICG Official Travel Agency, I Love Seoul Tour Co., Ltd, by July 30, 2018.
Attn. Ms. Jiin Shin   /   Tel : +82-(0)2-730-1090, Fax : +82-(0)2-730-1074   /   E-mail : support@iloveseoultour.com
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Technical Site - SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management (SL) Corporation
SL Corp. was established to promote landfills for the stable and sanitary treatment of waste from the capital region and contribute to creating a more comfortable living environment for residents.

Since its establishment in 2000, SL Corp. has contributed to the development of the country and region as a core institution which is creating future value through not only implementing environmentally friendly management of waste, but also by converting it into resources and energy.

Notably, it remains committed to implementing eco-friendly treatment and technology of waste through many patents for management of landfills. Now SL Corp. has received credit for the authorship of waste treatment like the CDM Project as a specialized state institution. Also, SL Corp. is considered to be one of the best role models for its systematic and environmentally sound way of landfill management in the world.

Cultural Tour – National Museum of Korea
The National Museum of Korea is located in Seoul, about 10 km from COEX. It is the largest museum in Korea and houses precious Korean cultural assets that tell the story of Korea’s fascinating history, from ancient times to the modern era.

In addition to galleries with a wide array of national and international artifacts, the National Museum of Korea is the stage for a number of cultural activities related to collection, preservation, research and analysis, social training, academic publications, intercultural exchange programs, concerts, and more.

Visitors of all ages get the opportunity to participate in a number of educational events and quality cultural programs. For those who prefer to tour at a leisurely pace, the museum grounds have a number of cozy spaces and rest areas.