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IGS Technical Committee Session 1

Geosynthetic Barriers – Current Hot Topics
Organizer: Kent P. von Maubeuge (IGS TC Barrier Systems)

The IGS has planned a workshop on hot topics in the field of Geosynthetic Barriers in June 2018 in Munich.
The discussions of the workshop will be summarized during the 11ICG and will be open for new discussion as well as new ideas of hot topics as geosynthetic barriers play an important role for environmental protection.

  1. 1.Geomembrane Durability (George Koerner)
  2. 2.Geosynthetic Protection layers (Richard Brachmann)
  3. 3.GCL hydration and controlling factors (Malek Bouazza)
  4. 4.Standard protocols for Construction/Installation Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Kerry Rowe)

IGS Technical Committee Session 2

Drainage and Filtration for Reinforced Soil Walls
Organizer: PIETRO RIMOLDI (IGS TC Hydraulic Applications)

The Session will be organized jointly by IGS Technical Committees TCF - TCH – TCR.
Many Authors have shown that lack of drainage and filtration problems are the main causes of failure of reinforced soil structures.
The Session is aimed to discuss this very important aspect of the design of reinforced soil structures, presenting the state-of-the-art on the argument.
The Session should last 2 hours, including time for questions and answers, with the following presentations:

  1. 1.Documented wall failures due to lack of drainage and filtration
  2. 2.Theoretical approach to drainage and filtration for reinforced soil walls
  3. 3.Required testing for soils and Geosynthetics
  4. 4.Design methods for Drainage and Filtration of reinforced soil walls
  5. 5.Monitoring of the hydraulic conditions of reinforced soil walls
  6. 6.Discussion with questions and answers

IGS TC Session 3

New design and research approaches for fundamental geosynthetic – soil reinforcement applications
Organizer: Gerhard Bräu (IGS TC Soil Reinforcement)

The IGS TC-Reinforcement session demonstrates fundamental well-known applications (slopes and walls, base courses and veneer covers) where the design and the understanding of the interaction of soil and geosynthetic reinforcement have increased enormously in recent years. Advances in probabilistic approaches, behaviour at small deformation and seismic behaviour are shown to better represent the true performance of geosynthetic-soil structures and thus lead to safer and more cost-effective construction.

  1. 1.Probabilistic analysis and design of reinforced soil walls and slopes (Richard Bathurst)
  2. 2.Performance of geogrid reinforced and stabilized base courses (Lars Vollmert, Gerhard Bräu)
  3. 3.Semi-probabilistic approach to the stability of veneer reinforcement (Pietro Rimoldi)
  4. 4.Seismic design of reinforced soil walls in Japan and case study on the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake (Yoshihisa Miyata)