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Korean Geosynthetics Society (KGSS)

Since its founding in 2001, the Korean Geosynthetics Society, the IGS Korea Chapter, has been devoted to the research and technological development of the manufacture, design, and construction of functional synthetic materials related to geotechnical engineering and construction. The KGSS has been at the forefront of expanding geosynthetics technology applications in the fields of geotechnical engineering to fusion technology implementation including the energy and resource engineering fields to produce optimal, functional, reinforcing synthetic materials to promote sustainable development using geosynthetics. The society organizes academic conferences twice a year and a number of workshops in order to facilitate academic and technological exchanges among members. Our primary focus is to take the lead in the construction of safe and sustainable geo-structures using geosynthetics and disseminating technological development outcomes. The KGSS also has successful experience hosting a number of international events such as the 3rd Asian Regional Conference on Geosynthetics (GeoAsia 2004) and the 2011 International Symposium on Sustainable Application of Geosynthetics Technology.

International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)

Founded in 1983, the International Geosynthetics Society is dedicated to the manufacturing of geosynthetics and the development and exchange of relevant technologies applicable in the construction field. Comprised of 44 Chapters, over 3,500 Individual Members and 186 global Corporate Members, the IGS organizes an international conference every four years in order to provide a platform for advanced technology exchange between academia and industry, as well as publishing a number of prestigious journals such as Geosynthetics International and Geotextiles & Geomembranes. The Korean Geosynthetics Society acts as the Korean Chapter of the IGS and Prof. Chungsik Yoo (KGSS President / 11ICG Organizing Committee Chair) has been serving as Vice President of the IGS since 2014.

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