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Oral Presentation List & Presentation Guidelines

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Oral Presentation List (As of 28.08.2018)



Presentation Guidelines

- Download the Guidelines (pdf file):



Presentation File Format

As for the aspect ratio of your presentation file (slides), a ratio of 4:3 is recommended.

Presentation slides should be made in an MS Power point (2007 or newer version) file for smooth operation.

If you have any other types of presentation files, please inform our staff of the preview room in advance.

Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (special fonts might be changed to a default font)


Preview Room

All speakers are required to visit the preview room and submit presentation materials at least 1 hour before their session. (Please bring your file on a USB flash drive.)

- Location: In front of the Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)

- Operation Time: - Sep. 17 (Mon)-18 (Tue), 08:00-18:00 / Sep. 19 (Wed)-20 (Thu). 08:00-16:00



- Preview Room and all session rooms will be equipped with Windows 7 based laptops with Office 2013 installed.

- 1 Main Screen in front (a 4:3 ratio screen)

- Just before your presentation, your presentation file submitted at the preview room will be projected on the screen controlled by the technician of the session room.

- A monitor, mouse, microphone and smart pointer will be provided on the podium for speakers.

- Everything must function with a mouse. There will be no keyboards on the podium.

- The Slide Note function (Presenter View mode) will NOT be provided by default.

- Internet access will be provided in session rooms.



* We do NOT recommend you present using your own laptop for the session to run smoothly.

* If you wish to present with your own laptop (IBM or MAC), please confirm you have a VGA adaptor and test it in the session room beforehand where your presentation will take place. (We do NOT provide any devices for Macintosh).





11ICG Secretariat (People-X, Inc.)

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Fax: +82-2-566-6087

Email: paper@11icg-seoul.org