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Oral Presentation Submission Instructions & Templates

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▶ Oral Presentation Submission Instructions & Templates 

1) Presentation slides (by August 31)
* Please use the attached template for your presentation.


- As for the aspect ratio of a presentation file (slides), a ratio of 4:3 is recommended.
- Presentation slides should be made in an MS Power point (2007 or newer version) file for smooth operation.
- Use a common font, such as Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc.
(special fonts might be changed to a default font on a PowerPoint based PC).


2) Short CV (by August 31)
* Please fill out the attached CV form. (Please do not exceed 2 pages maximum)
Your information will be given to the Session Chair before your presentation.
Also, please note some of the information you provide will be used for the introduction of speakers in the announcements.


※ How to Submit the required materials
Please send your presentation file (in PowerPoint PPT format) and CV to 11icgfile@gmail.com by August 31.


11ICG Secretariat: paper@11icg-seoul.org